Familie Brandner

we introduce ourselves

The Brandner family, that's us - Viktoria and Karl - with our children Maria, Johannes, Thomas and Leonhard. We are the third generation to run the Köck farm, where our chalet is also located. Cordiality, hospitality and down-to-earthness are values that define us and which we can now live on a little further by renting out our holiday home. We look forward to your visit!

Animals at the Köckhof

Cows - Horses - Sheeps ...

Luise, Laura, Laetitia and Edelweiss: Our ten dairy cows and their offspring not only have names, they are the heart of our organic farm and an important part of our family. After all, they set the rhythm in which we live our daily lives - especially in summer, which we spend every year together with them on the alpine pasture, completely in harmony with animals and nature. We also have two horses, three cats, sheep, chickens and ducks that look forward to your visit to the barn.